[November 2022] Live at the Virtual Barbershop: Misconceptions, Stereotypes and Truths of Black Fatherhood

Join us at the virtual barbershop as we talk about life...REAL life. Being Black in America means many things, but one of the most prevalent issues is experiencing racism daily on multiple fronts. From standard microaggressions on up to direct confrontations, the men who'll be waiting on their haircuts at our barbershop have experienced it all. 

Parenthood through the Lens of the Black Dad: The Misconceptions, Stereotypes, and Truths of Black Fatherhood

We must consider how culture has shaped fatherhood in families and name the misconceptions and stereotypes. These misconceptions and stereotypes often create barriers for fathers in need, especially in communities of color.   

For centuries, there have been institutional barriers facing fathers, as well as common beliefs that family only includes mother and child, and that the father is just a “provider.” The importance of Black fathers is often overlooked and minimized.

In addition to discussing the these challenges this virtual barbershop will discuss the positive traits of Black fathers that often get ignored or misperceived. For example, the narrative of the “absent Black father” continues to live in the minds of most, like many other racial stereotypes.

Join African American male leaders from the sector as they dive into the value of Black fathers and discuss the long-lasting effects of systemic oppression, roles and norms of fatherhood, and the challenges of being a Black father. They will also discuss the joys, stories, and lessons learned from personal experiences and how community-based organizations can rethink strategies around supporting Black fathers and their families.