[July 2022] Black Women in Leadership Presents: The Angry Phenomenal Black Woman Series

Black Women in Leadership Presents: The Angry Phenomenal Black Woman Series 

It's All Good … But It’s Not! 

July 20 2022 2:00-3:00 P.M. EDT


This webinar series is presented by the Black Women in Leadership Affinity Group to explore the many dimensions of the Black woman in the workplace. These dynamic discussions will navigate the negative perceptions of the Black woman, the impact of our commitment to resilience, and how we use our influence to elevate our communities.


During this session, panelists share some experiences around risk taking, courage, and authenticity. Participants will learn strategies for navigating responsibilities that often seem biased and unjust. This session also will discuss how to emphasize your own well-being and self-care.

About the Black Women in Leadership Affinity Group

We are a courageous group of Black woman leaders who support one another to nurture and live our power, bolster engagement in personal and professional development, and leverage our network to be a catalyst for positive change in our communities. Given the impact of historical and existing structural racism that we must surmount, the affinity group aims to engage authentically, bringing our talent and vulnerability together to transcend societal norms. Through trainings, conversations, topical education, tools, and other resources, Black women leaders will learn and practice the teaching principles and habits of EDI-focused adaptive leadership skills.

The Social Current Leadership Through Affinity groups support leaders with shared cultural backgrounds as they build relationships, develop professional networks, and engage in training.

Current* groups include:

·         Black Women in Leadership Affinity Group

·         Latinx Leadership Affinity Group

·         Allies for Equity, Justice & Inclusion

·         Black Men’s Barbershop Affinity Group

Through the work of the affinity groups, emerging and senior leaders will develop solutions and address barriers that keep persons of color from advancing at rates equal to their counterparts. These leaders will have access to trainings that include adaptive leadership, psychological safety, and rEvolutionary leadership. Leaders will also receive mentoring from EDI cohort leaders.

* These four affinity groups are the result of a grant-supported inaugural project, but they are just the beginning. We recognize that there are marginalized groups not represented here and we hope to expand to other racial, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds, including, but not limited to, LGBTQ+, those with disabilities, and those considered Second Acts. Interested in forming a new leadership affinity group? Please contact Deb Smith to learn more.