2021 and 2020 Workforce Trends and Compensation Study Bundle

2021 and 2020 Workforce Trends and Compensation Study Bundle




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This report bundle provides salary data for the complete suite of executive, supervisory, direct service, and support positions in human services. Insight on workforce trends also is included. 

  • 2021 Compensation Study: Report includes salary data for professional, direct service, and support positions 

  • Workforce Trends: Report addresses themes including recruitment, retention, turnover, advancing equity, and implications of COVID-19 

  • 2020 Compensation Study: Report includes salary data for executive, vice president, director, and management positions 

About the Sections 

2021 Compensation Study                                                   

2021 U.S. Human Services Compensation Study presents salary information for the chief executive position and organizational characteristics of the survey sample. Then it gives salary data for professional staff, direct service staff, and support staff broken down by organization budget, staff size, and region. The study provides compensation data for 59 positions:  

  • Professional Staff: 16 positions 

  • Direct Services Staff: 22 positions 

  • Support Staff: 21 positions 

Workforce Trends  

This trends report summarizes data collected in the survey around recruitment, retention, turnover, advancing equity, and COVID-19. Use this baseline data, which is designed for benchmarking and goal setting, to encourage conversations, generate ideas, identify priorities, and inspire new questions.  

The trend report is based on survey questions developed in consultation with human resources professionals at community-based human services organizations. It addresses priorities, challenges, and trends that are impacting the strength and diversity of the sector’s workforce. 

2020 Compensation Study 

The 2020 U.S. Human Services Compensation Study contains salary data from over 260 nonprofit human service organizations for executive, vice president, director, and management staff including breakdowns by organization budget, staff size, region, and staff experience and tenure. An overview of benefits, including top executive benefits data, is also included in this report.   

Compensation data is provided for over 50 positions:  

  • Executive Staff: 11 positions 

  • Vice President/Director Staff: 21 positions 

  • Management Staff: 21 positions