Mobility Mentoring® as 2-Gen Brain Science

The Mobility Mentoring® program model is based on extensive research about what can help families move out of poverty and what keeps them trapped in poverty. Its mentor-led design is based on coaching parents to build the core capabilities that brain science tells us produce successful learners, parents, employees, and community members.

The Office of Innovation at Children’s Home Society of Washington has integrated Mobility Mentoring into its Early Head Start home visiting programs and Head Start centers to create a two-generation strategy that draws on the science of brain development in young children. In this way, the needs of both parents and young children are addressed at the same time. This blending model demonstrated promise in two pilot projects and is now being adopted agency-wide.

This course provides an overview of Mobility Mentoring and how coaching on goal setting and achievement can provide scaffolding for parents to gain the core capabilities needed to navigate life and parenting. It will also describe the “poverty tax” on brain functions that can negatively impact decision-making by people who can least afford to make mistakes without severe consequences. It identifies ways in which service providers and front-line staff can mitigate the effects of the poverty tax and boost parents’ abilities to overcome it.

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