[February 2022] The Four GEMS of Accreditation

The Four GEMS of Accreditation
February 17, 2022 1-2 p.m. ET

COA Accreditation, a service of Social Current, is an in-depth, strengths-based review of an organization, typically taking 12-18 months for private and Canadian organizations. Navigating this rigorous process can be overwhelming for those who are going through it for the first time, as well as those who have experienced it. The 4 GEMS of Accreditation is a framework that can be used by staff who are leading the accreditation/reaccreditation effort at their organizations. Using it as your guide will help you navigate the process more efficiently and effectively.  

Webinar participants will gain ideas, tools, and real-world advice for managing the accreditation/reaccreditation process. Hear helpful recommendations for breaking it down into distinct components, recruiting staff, maintaining momentum, and remaining focused on the goal—COA Accreditation.  


  • How to create a game plan for your accreditation effort 

  • How to take advantage of easy to find and use tools 

  • Ways to involve as many co-workers as possible 

  • How to use storytelling to increase staff engagement 

Who Should Participate: 

  • COA Accreditation primary contacts and key team members  


Rita Sherman 
Manager of Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement 
Glove House Inc.