[March 2022] Supporting Financially Resilient Communities: Better Money Habits® Demo with Bank of America

Live Webinar
Supporting Financially Resilient Communities: Better Money Habits® Demo with Bank of America
March 23 2022 2:00-2:30 p.m. ET

Bank of America supports communities in becoming more financially resilient by connecting people to the tools, resources, and education they need to help them achieve their financial goals. Through its partnership with Khan Academy, a leader in online learning, Bank of America has created a simple way to get real, practical knowledge about money. The free, accessible tools and information on Better Money Habits® website build financial know-how so that people can make confident personal financial decisions.

This short webinar for staff of community-based organizations will walk you through the Better Money Habits® tools that can help the people you serve.  Also included is information on how work with local Bank of America Better Money Habits Champions for more targeted sessions in a variety of communities.

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·         How Better Money Habits® helps increase financial literacy among community members

·         How to navigate the Better Money Habits® website

·         How to best implement Better Money Habits® into community-based programming

How to connect with local Better Money Habits Champions, if you’d like to have events (currently virtual, but hopefully back to in person soon!)

Who Should Participate: (Intended audience)

·         Vice presidents/senior directors of programs

·         Program managers

·         Financial literacy educators

Family/parent educators


Scott Bartel
Vice President
Bank of America

Scott Bartel has worked for Bank of America for 12 years and is based in Southern California. He is a member of the Bank’s “Parents & Caregivers Network,” focusing his efforts in community outreach and volunteerism for the PCN Enterprise team. Bartel was a Better Money Habits Lead Champion for his market from 2018-2020 and believes in the power of spreading financial literacy to our communities.